All our horses are used for dressage, showjumping and cross-country, working at a variety of levels to suit the rider and have very good temperament.


Fell X Pony. 13.3 hands high. Diamond is a 13.3hh dark brown pony & is a Fell pony cross.


Full name Dippy Di-Do! Is a 15hh Skewbald. He was born 2010 and joined the centre in 2022.

Elly (Oerfa Elly)

Elly is a pure bred Welsh Cob. Purchased from a farm locally in 2020. Born in 2006.


Frankie is a 16.1 hands high pink papered Hanovarian and is currently ridden by Adrian and Doris.


Piebald Mare. 14 hands high. Harley has also been trained to drive.


Piebald Gelding. 15.1 hands high.At the centre since 5 years old. Ride and drive.


Also known as Matherion Princess Leah, is a Welsh Cob who joined the tram in 2022. Born in 2009, she has done unaffiliated dressage, darm rides and fun rides.


Ruby is a black Cob cross, originally from Ireland but purchased from Harlech. Born in 2008.

Sam is a 15.3hh Cob x clydesdale and has been with us since early 2018


Sam is a 15.3hh Cob x Clydesdale and has been with us since early 2018.


Sonny is a 14.2 hands high New Forest pony gelding.


A 15 hands high cob x shire. Lovely temperament with a very cute moustache!