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Destiny Jones

Destiny (or Desi) has been riding with us since 2009 and joined the team in 2014. Having passed her BHS Stage II in 2016, she

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Adrian Thomas

Adrian is a registered fully qualified BHS I Instructor as well as a British Dressage List 4 Judge. He also has a “Higher National Diploma”

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Doris Wolters

Doris is a British Horse Society registered intermediate instructor and stable manager with over 25 years teaching experience.

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A 15 hands high cob x shire. Lovely temperament with a very cute moustache!

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Sam is a 15.3hh Cob x clydesdale and has been with us since early 2018


Sam is a 15.3hh Cob x Clydesdale and has been with us since early 2018.

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Rosie, a 16.2 hands high Irish Draught x Thoroughbred and been with us since 2017. Has hunted in Ireland and is quietly taking to riding

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Minnie, is a Welsh Cob who we purchased in 2017. Her full Welsh name is Wydden Modlen.

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Piebald Gelding. 15.1 hands high.At the centre since 5 years old. Ride and drive.

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