Celebrating 25 years at the Centre

The centre opened in 1993 with 5 horses and now has 15 horses in it’s 25th year. Doris Wolters purchased Wern Bach in 1976 as a family home for her 2 sons and a small patch of land for a couple of horses. Over the years it has gradually expanded into the equestrian centre it is now, with her son Adrian Thomas, a BHSI, taking over the centre 5 years ago.

The main aim of the centre, was and still is, to help people improve their understanding and enjoyment of horses, so that owners and riders can form better partnerships with their 4 legged friends.

Doris and Adrian would like to thank so many people who have supported them over the years and have contributed to the success of the centre. In particular our local vets, Richard Owen Veterinary Clinic and Bodwrnsiwn Vetenary Practice and our farrier Andrew Marsden.

A special thank you to our current staff, Destiny Jones our yard manager, Bethan Sharples our junior instructor and Lauren Carrier our super Saturday Girl!

We would like to thank our past and present customers who have helped make the last 25 years a lot of fun.

Most of all we would like to thank all the horses we have worked with, some of them so special to us.

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