Adults Dressage Competition 2014

Well done to all those who took part and fantastic to see the improvements made by all of the riders!

Introductory B test (Riding School Horses)

  1. Mona riding Sonny
  2. Linda riding Danny
  3. Joanna riding Merlin
  4. Deborah riding Danny

Introductory B test (Liveries)

  1. Ian riding Sam
  2. Carol riding Osian
  3. Dianne riding Heddwen Mel

Preliminary 14 (Riding School Horses)

  1. Claire ridng Holly
  2. Cathy riding Cam
  3. Carol riding Poppy
  4. Debbie riding Merlin
  5. Sarah riding Holly

Preliminary 14 (Liveries)

  1. Di riding Scarlet
  2. Lisa riding Mr.X
  3. Mandy riding Gloria
  4. Andy riding Harry
  5. Sharon riding Neils

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